custom menu : Magento

How to add custom menu in magento menu bar?

My Case:  I want to add one new menu with two sub menus like,

What’s New-> 1->offers, 2-> new collection

Where on offers menu link, i want to show just some offers images. And on new collection link, i want to show some products.

So i create category what’s new and inside this i created two sub categories offers and new collection

But i don’t want to show anything on clicking what’s new. So to achieve this i add a url rewrite_____>>>>>

catalog-> url managment : here you can rewrite ur url.

I selected category and then in requested path i put “index.php” so that my url will become

So here one problem is solved.

Now to display product inside new collection is simple task. As i need not to do anything new for this.

But for offers link, i choose display static block instead of product and then i select static block i created before.

Hit save… Now my all problems are solved.

Read more here  for url rewrite. Thanks for reading


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